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Cranberry Smoothie

I had some leftover cranberry juice from making the¬†Cranberry Jelly¬†so I decided to use it up in a smoothie. I really¬†enjoy how refreshing and tart this smoothie is. Perfect for hot afternoons. ūüėô Ingredients 1 cup pure cranberry juice 2 well-ripened frozen bananas 1 rib celery, peeled and cut into small pieces Method ¬†Blend with… Continue reading Cranberry Smoothie

Crafting Cakes · Delightful Desserts

Earl Grey Honey Chiffon with Roses (Grain-Free)

My birthday cake this year! ūüėÄ My younger sister and I love blue roses. We always celebrate our birthdays together because our birthdays are 3 days apart. I decided to surprise her with blue chiffon roses on our cake this year! Recipe adapted from Chiffon Cakes by Susanne Ng with Tan Phay Shing, p88 and… Continue reading Earl Grey Honey Chiffon with Roses (Grain-Free)