Complementary Condiments

Blue Pea Flower Natural Colouring

It is so wonderful when we can turn to God’s creation for natural and subtle colouring instead of relying on unhealthy artificial colouring. This is my first time having access to blue pea flowers and using them as colouring. I am pretty excited! This natural blue colouring will be used in my birthday cake! 😀… Continue reading Blue Pea Flower Natural Colouring

Happy Meals · Raw

Usagi Ringo (Apple Bunnies)

This is nothing new but I still decided to share it, especially for parents with fussy eaters. My Clarice is usually not fussy – she eats almost anything and everything. Still, like all kids, she enjoys eating cute food and a little bit of effort can create these 可愛い (cute) and healthy Apple Bunnies.🍎🐰 Fans… Continue reading Usagi Ringo (Apple Bunnies)

Crafting Cakes · Delightful Desserts

Grain-Free Miffy Cupcakes

My daughter turned 4 last month. She requested for a chocolate cake and a Miffy cake. So I made chocolate Miffy cupcakes for her birthday celebration in school. I used my Paleo Dark Chocolate Cake recipe and baked it into cupcakes. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes in cupcake cases. I sliced off the… Continue reading Grain-Free Miffy Cupcakes

Delightful Desserts · Festive

National Day ‘Cheesecakes’

My daughter requested for National Day cakes. This is the first year she is celebrating National Day in school and she is really excited. 😃 I decided to make no-bake cheesecakes. The creamy white cheesecakes represent the white bottom half of the Singapore flag. I used the No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake recipe from The Roasted Root. I replaced… Continue reading National Day ‘Cheesecakes’

Mighty Mains

A Spoonful of Spring (Roasted Vegetables)

This is a beautiful dish from a beautiful blog. I’m an admirer of Mrs Twinkle who takes the most gorgeous photographs. I’m always inspired after a visit to her blog. Although we don’t experience the four seasons here in sunny Singapore, it felt like spring after I viewed her recipe A Spoonful of Spring. Note: Serve… Continue reading A Spoonful of Spring (Roasted Vegetables)